Cards Against Misogyny

Did you miss us?

We have teamed up with the wonderful folks at Happy Goat Coffee Company to bring back everyone's favourite Patriarchy Smashing game - Cards Against Misogyny!

Cards Against Misogyny is based on the very popular Cards Against Humanity game.

All are welcome! Whether you are an advanced wordsmith or you have never played before. Feel free to come as an individual or as a team!

We can promise: patriarchy smashing, delicious coffee, & feminists. All in all a pretty great Wednesday night.

Interested? Get your ticket or send us a note to ask a question!

We are thrilled to say that Happy Goat Coffee is an accessible space.

Join us and smash the patriarchy one card at a time. 

Oct 18, 2017
7pm - 9 pm
Happy Goat Coffee Co., 35 Rue Laurel Street