Rally to speak out against judges perpetuating rape culture

In a recent case, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith ruled that a man was not guilty of sexual assault against his wife, even though she didn't consent. The judge refered to the fact that the man thought it was "his right" to have sex with his wife any time he wanted (with or without her consent).

The ruling perpetuates myths about sexual assault. Canadian sexual assault law is clear and was amended to include sexual assault against a spouse in 1983. 

Enough is enough! We see far too many cases where judges refuse to convict men of sexual assault because of myths and mysoginist beliefs about women. This is rape culture! 

This ruling must be appealed, or else it will serve as a precedent for other cases!
Judges must be educated about sexual assault and consent!
Rape culture must stop!


Oct 30, 2017
12pm - 1pm
Ottawa Court House