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OCTEVAW is managed by a Board of Directors composed of twelve members and the Executive Director.

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OCTEVAW Board Structure

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By day I am President & Principal Planner of Doyle & Associates Consulting Services. I specialize in event management; project management; communication strategy development; fundraising program development and implementation; marketing and social media planning. 
With a smile on her face my Mother always said, like her I was born a feminist, the only difference was in the 1920’s there was a different name for it. A name not worth repeating. Growing up I fought to be heard as a woman coming into the workforce, asserting myself as a working mother, then single mother.I had volunteered at CHEO in my teens, in my 20’s and 30’s for my kids interests, in my 40’s for Meeting Professionals International (finishing with my term as Board President) to give back to the communities that had supported me and my family and my career. In my 50’s I want to give back and I want to make it count, make it happen. At this stage I want to give back to a community that has always been there for me, for all women, fighting for the end of violence against women. I believe that I can bring strong leadership to the Board. This includes listening to all who are sitting at the table and to all of our members and community at large. I want to help move OCTEVAW into the future by moving toward a strategic approach to reaching our objective of ending violence against women. To quote OCTEVAW’s founder: “Our herstory is a testament to our determination not to let the issue of violence against women and all its manifestations fall into the background.” As Chair of the OCTEVAW Board, recognizing where we’ve come from I would be honoured to work with you to see how far we can go. 



TREASURER, Director of Finance

Ten years ago, Kellie moved to picturesque Ottawa from the bright lit city of Toronto. She has spent the last 18 years involved with a number of non-profit organizations and initiatives, including, the establishment of a support network for queer East Asian youth living in Toronto, the successful campaign that sought government redress for the Chinese Head Tax, and through Ladyfest Ottawa organized events focused on empowering women. She continues to work on highlighting discrimination and racism in our communities and is excited to be joining OCTEVAW. When Kellie is not in a board meeting, she is a mouse pushing civil servant for the Department of Finance. During her spare time she is a member of an adult Lego group and enjoys reminiscing the days when nothing was considered childish.



Director of Volunteer Management

Valérie is a VAW Counselor and group Facilitator. With nearly 10 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, Valérie has worked with many minority groups in cross-cultural settings, including with survivors of violence, sex workers, refugees, migrant workers, at-risk youth, etc. Valérie has previously worked in HR and volunteer management with humanitarian aid and international development organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, CUSO International and the Canadian Red Cross.
As an intersectional feminist, Valérie firmly believes in gender-equality has been sitting on OCTEVAW’s Frontline committee for over two years. She sees involvement in the board as an excellent opportunity to contribute to high-level positive change in Ottawa.



Co-Director of Membership Outreach and Engagement

Sylvie Charbonneau, a Human Resources Advisor at Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, holds a degree in communications from the University of Ottawa (2003), a degree in psychology from the University of Montréal (2007) and an MBA from the University of Quebec in Montreal (2014), was actively involved in community work for eight years. In 2007, she led, in her capacity as project coordinator, a Pan-Canadian project launched by the Public Health Agency of Canada. With the support of a Canada-wide advisory committee, Ms. Charbonneau developed a resource kit on domestic violence designed as a tool to create the conditions required to fight this type of violence. From 2008 to 2014 she was the General Manager of the Centre Halte-Femmes, a women’s centre, where she saw not only to the smooth operation of the Centre and its Nouvelle Étape transition apartments, but also mentored and supervised the team of workers and acted as delegate and representative of the Centre. In addition, Ms. Charbonneau was named a member of the interim Board of the Montréal North health organisation, Montréal-Nord en Santé. She sat on that Board’s Governance Committee tasked with completely redefining the organisation’s integrated approach. In 2009, she was chosen as a member of the Mentoring Committee of the Regional Council of women’s centres for Montréal-Laval and participates in the development of the project Un Rayon de Soleil for young single mothers in Montréal North.



Director of Human Resources

Peter Jupp has worked as a police officer for 23 years in a varied career that has included assignments in Patrol, Partner Assault, Sexual Assault & Child Abuse, High Tech Crime, Major Investigations, and 9-1-1 Dispatch. His interest and passion for victim advocacy began as a rookie when he attended his very first call on a Christmas Eve night shift, and arrived in time to stop a domestic assault in progress.. Further work with the Victim/Witness Assistance Program at the courthouse as a volunteer scribe confirmed his interest in that sector of policing and led to investigative work, followed by supervision and case management of DV and subsequently Major Cases involving serial & predator crimes. Peter currently holds the rank of staff-sergeant and is the staffing officer in the Criminal Investigations Directorate. Prior to working as a police officer Peter spent 7 years with the Bank of Nova Scotia’s provincial office engaged in loan-loss recovery and financial restructuring projects. His formal education is in economics (Carleton University) and a Bachelor of Policing degree (Charles Sturt University). Peter started with OCTEVAW’s Justice Committee in 2008 as an agency representative for the OPS Partner Assault Unit. In 2010 he assumed chair duties, continuing with OCTEVAW as a community member. Peter has a strong belief in volunteerism and community service and is committed to help in the fight against VAW in any capacity. He has served as HR Director since 2014 and is interested in serving for another term, in order to complete some long-term projects. To further those goals he is counting on your support for extending his term for another two years.



Director of Revenue Generation

Barbara Laskin is a writer-editor and communications specialist who, in addition to running a communications practice, is a Senior Associate with TPA Consulting Inc., a firm whose mission is to provide high-quality advice in strategy, governance, organizational performance, and performance assessment. In her capacity as governance consultant, she conducted a review of OCTEVAW in 2006 and led a number of subsequent strategic planning sessions. She joined the OCTEVAW board in 2016 out of a desire to continue working with the remarkable people connected to our cause and a need to contribute in some way to ending the scourge of VAW and GBV.
A former senior manager at the Canada Council, Barbara has a long history of involvement with the arts and culture community throughout Canada as a cultural bureaucrat, consultant, board member of numerous local and national arts organizations, and communications advisor. Barbara currently serves as Executive Director of the Sylva Gelber Music Foundation, which supports young Canadians embarking on a professional career in classical music performance. She is also Chair of 10 Gates Dancing, a company led by renowned choreographer Tedd Robinson, and a former Chair and current board member of the Canada Dance Festival Society.
Barbara has served for many years as an adjudicator for two tribunals: the Law Society of Ontario, which regulates the province’s legal profession in the public interest, and the Consent and Capacity Board (CCB), an Ontario tribunal whose key areas of activity are the adjudication of matters of capacity, consent, civil committal and substitute decision making. She was recently appointed a Vice-Chair of the CCB.



Director of Governance

Ann-Marie O’Brien is a clinical social worker and educator with a broad range of administrative, clinical, and academic experience. Ann-Marie graduated with a MSW from Wilfrid Laurier University. She has a certificate in mental health law from Osgoode Hall Law School, and has been an instructor in this program since 2008. In 2016 Ann-Marie attained certification in Prolonged Exposure Therapy, from the Centre for Treatment and Study of Anxiety, University of Pennsylvania.

Previously, Ann-Marie has held board positions with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She has served on the Ministers Accessibility Standards Advisory Council.  Currently, Ann-Marie is the lead for Women’s Mental Health at The Royal.  She is also on the board of Mothercraft, and Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking. 



Director of Special Projects

Melissa Pang is a Manager of workplace health and wellbeing issues with the federal government, as well as Co-Chair of the Federal Workplace Well-Being Network. Prior to joining the core public service, Melissa worked as a lawyer in private practice and as an analyst for the Parliament of Canada. She has also worked and volunteered in non-profit management and is a strong proponent of volunteerism and community involvement.
Melissa obtained her Common Law and Civil Law degrees from McGill University, and her Honours B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Melissa was a legal intern at a women's shelter in Montreal and a volunteer with the YWCA.



Co-Director of Membership Outreach and Engagement

Laure Prévost has a Bachelors in Women's Studies and International Development from McGill University, a Masters in Applied Ethics from K.U. Leuven in Belgium and Law degrees in Common Law and Civil Law from McGill University. Before studying law, Laure worked in politics on Parliament Hill and served on the board of Maison d'amitié, a francophone shelter in Ottawa. Laure is now the director of the legal services Centre for francophone women of Ontario, a centre spearheaded by Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes.

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