Bylaws voted in at April 2014 AGM


Finance Policy - August 2015
Complaints Policy - May 2016
Complaint Form - May 2016
Strategic Directions 2014-2016
Accommodation Policy - Ontario - v1.2 - February 2019
AODA - IASR (Accessibility Standards) Policy - v1.1 - February 2019
Health and Safety Policy - Ontario - v1.2 - February 2019
Media Relations Policy - v.1.2 - February 2019
Reporting Workplace Injuries Policy - Ontario - v1.1 - February 2019
Smoke-Free Workplace Policy - Ontario - v1.0 - February 2019
Feedback Form

Governance and Operations

  • Improve communications and strengthen the relationships between OCTEVAW’s BOD, standing committees, staff, and volunteers;
  • Strengthen the capacity and membership of the BOD and improve BOD members’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities;
  • Enhance member engagement; and
  • Address staffing and resource requirements to support OCTEVAW’s continued growth.

Program Priorities

  • Supporting women by providing access to timely resources, and identifying;
  • Prevention work, with a focus on youth and student engagement (Public Engagement Committee);
  • Coalition-building to ensure a coordinated response to VAW issues and initiatives; and
  • Systems change where the Coalition is striving towards challenging systemic discrimination, particularly by enhancing the criminal justice system to better meet the needs of women and children experiencing violence.