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Ottawa Support Groups Directory (Updated January 2015)

Sexual Assault is a Crime Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Sexual Assault is a Crime (updated 2017)
5-panel bilingual pamphlet with information on what to do if you have been sexually assaulted, contact information for sexual assault services, and other resources.

Have you been Assaulted Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Have You Been Assaulted? (updated 2017)
7-panel hideable pamphlet with tips and information on creating a safety plan both during and after leaving an abusive relationship, reporting to the police, and contacting helpful services.

Help Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Help for Women Living with Violence (updated 2008)
11 x 14 bilingual poster that includes contact information for various programs against abuse in Ottawa.

Services Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Ottawa Community Services for Survivors of Sexual Violence (updated 2008)
8.5 x 11 bilingual card with contact information of various sexual assault services in Ottawa.

Support Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Support Groups for Women (updated 2013)
3-panel bilingual pamphlet with information on support groups and their locations.

Transition Support Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Transitional Support and Housing Program (updated April 2011)
3-panel bilingual pamphlet with information about programs and where to access them.

Children Pamphlet OCTEVAW

Voices of Children (updated 2008)
Bilingual posters depicting the experiences of children who witness violence; services for women and children listed

Safety Plan Pamphlet

In Love and Danger (updated 2013)
Bilingual youth pamphlet on dating violence.

Position Papers

Ottawa Statement Re: Bill C-36 Protection of Communities and Exploitated Persons Act

By: Abbie Sizer | Posted: June, 2014

OCTEVAW submitted the following advocacy letter to the Parliamentary Justice Committee on June 27th, 2014 regarding the proposed Bill.  Here you will find the letter, as well as the list of signatories.

Connecting Violence Against Women and "honour killing"

By: OCTEVAW | Posted: Aug, 2012

OCTEVAW recognizes that violence against women is not limited to any geographical area or nation and that violence spans culture, religion, class, ability, age, and sexuality. As such, OCTEVAW questions how the media has presented "honour killings" to Canadian society.

Accommodation & Women Navigating the Court System

By: OCTEVAW | Posted: July, 2009

OCTEVAW recognizes the need for equality for women navigating the court system who have experienced abuse and/or sexual assault. We support a woman's right to religious and cultural freedoms and believe that such rights must be respected in the judicial context.

The Publishing of Victims' Names

By: OCTEVAW | Posted: January, 2009

There are questions surrounding the issue of the entitlement the media has in releasing the name(s) of victim(s) to the public. This report will focus on what rights victim's have in terms of protecting their privacy and the matter of consent in using victim's name and information.


Please check back as new reports and papers are posted regularly.


Survivor Voices: gaining insight from women of experience

By: Joana Martey, Cheryl Lynn Macaulay, Emma Hazan & Leonore Smith in collaboration with OCTEVAW | Posted: Oct, 2013

A research partnership with the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) sought to understand the ways in which women, who are survivors of violence and abuse, want to engage in their communities. This pilot study involved a series of focus groups that facilitated dialogue amongst women, with the purpose of identifying avenues of expression, motivations and hesitations, as well as support and resources needed. Results
reveal a wealth of information, including prominent themes such as empowerment, education and awareness, validation, family, resilience, healing, safety and support. Discussion follows, highlighting concrete recommendations not only for OCTEVAW, but also other agencies and institutions which serve women survivors.

Sexual violence and social media: Building a framework for prevention.

By:Fairbairn, J., Bivens, R., and Dawson, M. | Posted: Aug, 2013

Sexual violence and social media: Building a framework for prevention. Ottawa: Crime Prevention Ottawa/Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women. Sexual Violence and Social Media: Building a Framework for Prevention explores the relationship between sexual violence and social media with a focus on youth. It also offers recommendations to help stimulate discussions about prevention programming and evaluation in Ottawa.

Hidden from Sight II: A look at the Prevalence of Violence Against Women in Ottawa

By: OCTEVAW | Posted: Dec, 2011

In Hidden from Sight Volume 1 the Violence Against Women (VAW) community was able to obtain a statistical glimpse at the prevalence of violence against women in Ottawa. With funding from Community Foundation of Ottawa OCTEVAW was able to evolved this project and gather further statistics and narratives. We thank all those who contributed and support this project.

Building Prevention: Sexual Violence, Youth and Drinking Report

Posted: May, 2011

This report is the outcome of an Ottawa-based study that explores the connections between sexual violence and drinking among young people ...

Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTTQ Relationships: Survey of Services in Ottawa

Posted: April 12, 2011

The past several decades have seen an increase in support services for women who have been victims of intimate partner violence and sexual violence...

Equity and Inclusion Lens

By: CAWI | Posted: January 05, 2010

The Equity and Inclusion Lens includes a User's Guide and 11 Community Snapshots. It is being piloted in the City of Ottawa.

Hidden from Sight: A look at the Prevalence of Violence Against Women in Ottawa

By: OCTEVAW | Posted: May, 2009

This report arose from a need to obtain a more global understanding of the current state of violence against women (woman abuse and sexual violence) in Ottawa and the services, institutions, organizations and agencies who provide resources to women who have experienced violence.

The Effects of Pet Ownership on Women's Experiences of Escaping Domestic Violence

By: Carleton University | Posted: January, 2009

Women escaping domestic violence are faced with a number of obstacles, particularly when they are pet owners. Executive Summary

Position Paper on Gender Equality

By: Family Services; a la famille Ottawa | Posted: January, 2008

Family Services; a la famille Ottawa has long believed that gender equality is a crucial ingredient for families to thrive

Que se passe-t-il derriere les portes closes?

By: Maison d'Amitie | Posted: January, 2008

Inspired by a document published by the Women Abuse Council of Toronto with funding provided by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Gender Equality Guide

By: CAWI | Posted: January, 2008

"City of Ottawa has made a strong commitment to gender equality, (See Annex A: City of Ottawa's Commitment to Gender Equality), but has lacked a consistent, systematic way of ensuring that city services and programs address inequalities. This guide is designed to help make this possible (p.4)."

CAWI's "Our Views Matter!" brochures


A Review of Current Literature on Feminist Process

By: Lisa Keller | Posted: 2006

A literature review on various Canadian feminist agencies written to inform OCTEVAW's organizational review process.

Accessibility of French Language Services

By: Comite Reseau | Posted: 2004

This research paper illustrates the specific obstacles that Francophone and French-speaking women are facing when they're looking for the appropriate services that they need in the Ottawa region.