Project Soundcheck Sustainability


To develop a business case for Project Soundcheck


What is Project SoundCheck™? SSimply, we are a project dedicated to supporting festivals and large events in preventing sexual violence. You may be asking why we would need to do this, and that is a very good question. The Sexual Assault Network and the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) developed Project SoundCheck™ in 2015, after research from The Ottawa Hospital’s Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program found that large events had particularly high rates of sexual violence.  The research noted that approximately 25% of the sexual assault cases they saw in 2013 occurred at large events.  Out of these cases, the majority tended to be young women, and less than 1/3 knew the person who had assaulted them.

Here’s what you need to know; bystander apathy is seen in large groups. We think that at large events we are safer, but this is false. Why is it false you ask? When we have larger groups of people, we do not feel the same responsibility to act because we think someone else will intervene.  At Project SoundCheck™ we focus on #breakingthesocialcontract to ignore a situation and encourage folks to intervene or disrupt problematic behaviour. 

Our work with event staff and volunteers has shown us that people are willing to talk about the prevalence of sexual violence and feel empowered to intervene after our trainings.  We have also worked with multiple festivals and large events to continue to make our work meet the needs of artists, survivors, volunteers, security, and event staff.

Statement of Work

The successful consultant will be expected to develop a sustainability plan including a fee for service model and a financial plan for Project Soundcheck. This should include:

  • a high-level, rapid review of similar initiatives across North America and other Commonwealth countries; and better practices used in this type of program
  • critical review of the current cost structure used in Project Soundcheck
  • recommendations for a fee for service model for the program
  • a financial plan for the program

Consultants will report to the Executive Director throughout this project.


The total budget for this project, including all taxes and expenses, is $11,500 CAN.


  1. A draft report
  2. A final report
  3. A presentation


All work will commence upon project aware and is to be completed by March 31st, 2019.  No extensions can be granted on this timeline.

Application deadline

All applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter highlighting their experiences by February 13th, 2019.

Contact person

Carrolyn Johnston,

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