Woman Abuse in the Workplace

Many Workplaces, Many Chances: Woman Abuse in the Workplace - Your Role in Bill 168
Did you know that in every reviewed case of domestic homicide in Ontario, there was someone – a neighbour, friend, family member or colleague – who knew about the abuse? Some 92 percent of these victims were women. The question is: why did no one get involved?

The solution:
In partnership with the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW), the Neighbours, Friends and Families (NFF) campaign is helping to answer this question through awareness-raising and community presentations on domestic violence in the workplace. The NFF campaign aims to change the way Ottawa residents think about and respond to violence against women. With support from the Policy Centre for Victims Issues at the Department of Justice Canada, it is able to offer free workplace presentations throughout Ottawa.

How to Get Involved
NFF presentations help employers comply with the new OHSA requirements. Concern and silence do not keep women safe; information keeps women safe. The presentations cover:

  • Warning signs
  • Violence risk factors
  • Safety planning
  • Ways to approach victims and abusers
  • Community resources

Make it our business; NFF workplace domestic violence resources

  1. Domestic Violence: At Risk At Work
  2. Responding to Domestic Violence: Help for Employers
  3. Part 1: Self-Assessment Quiz: Can Your Workplace Handle Domestic Violence?
  4. Guidelines for Balancing Safety and Confidentiality in Situations of Workplace DV
  5. Guidelines for Communicating with Employees at Risk of Workplace DV
  6. Guidelines for Setting Up Security Measures to Stop DV in the Workplace
  7. Preventing and Responding to Workplace DV: A Check List
  8. Part 2: Self-Assessment Quiz: Points to Think About When You Examine the Case Studies
  9. Guidelines for Developing Workplace DV Policy
  10. Guidelines for Assessing Threats and Managing Risks in the Workplace
  11. Neighbours, Friends and Families: DV: Is There a Risk of Death?

Your workplace can learn how to address violence in the community, and this knowledge can make workplaces safer for everyone. For more information, please contact:
Bailey Reid
Program Coordinator – Bill 186 Project
Email: bill168@octevaw-cocvff.ca